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Advocate Europe

Advocate Europe is an annual idea challenge for European initiatives and projects realised by MitOst and Liquid Democracy, funded by Stiftung Mercator. It is aimed at civil society actors who are looking for start-up funding and support to implement unconventional and transnational projects which strengthen connection and cohesion in Europe.

In late 2017 Advocate Europe will go into its third round. The first two rounds have been a great success, but the team has recognized lots of potential to get even more out of it. As designer at Liquid Democracy I joined the project to redesign and relaunch the platform.

The process

In the early stages of the project we really took our time to analyse the status quo and discuss new ideas and concepts. At this point I only created sketches and clickdummies from wireframes and not actual designs, so we could better focus on the structure and strategy of the platform.

Once we were satisfied with the wireframes I started creating detailled designs. I wanted to achieve a look that was more open and lighter than before, but still stay true to the brand. Here's a comparison of an old design, a wireframe and the final design.

Biggest changes

In the conception phase we recognized that we wanted to give more attention to innovators and their ideas. You can see these changes in the final designs as well in the fundamental structure of advocate europe: now, instead of just awarding ideas with funding, innovators get invited to a real-life collaboration camp, an event with workshops and networking. After the camp, innovators can get funding just like before. As a side effect, the number of fake profiles decreaces, but the main effect is a stronger and more active community.

Client Advocate Europe
Agency Liquid Democracy e.V.
Year 2017
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