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Logo for L-Rex

L-Rex is a free and open-source platform for creating and running linguistic rating experiments. I was asked to create a logo for the software.

When I started this project, I thought the biggest challenge would be making the name look right. An "R" following an "L" is a very uncommon combination of letters, and by the default, not the prettiest either. But with the help of a hyphen and the right kerning, it proves to be legible and harmonic.

Though before kerning really mattered I needed to find a visual idea for the logo. I was exploring a lot of ideas, most of them revolving about the "Rex" being a dog or a dinosaur. Here's a scan of my sketchbook where you can see some of these ideas.

I started liking the idea of an animal mascot more and more. While sketching, I thought the dinosaur would make more sense, because the connection is more obvious (T Rex, duh), but later I felt that the dog had more positive connotations, more likeability and more potential as a recognizable character. So, I decided to ditch the prehistoric predator and go for man's best friend and trusty companion.

Here's the final logo! Can you spot the hidden "L" in the symbol?

I also did a little animation that symbolises the basic features of the software. It was lots of fun to make it!

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