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A while ago, my friend Philipp Veller, who is an amazing developer, started his freelance career. In order to attract more clients, he wanted to create a completely new portfolio website. I designed it for him.

I wanted his website to represent his work in the most pleasent way, but it should also give an impression of his working philosophy and method and his personality.

Finding the right tone

My original idea was to use keys as the main graphic element, because the keyboard is the developer’s most important tool. But we soon decided that this didn't really express what we wanted to express, so I took another approach.

Philipp has proven himself to be a skilled developer, but I needed to understand what makes him stand out from the rest. Only then I could come up with a design that sets the right mood. I interviewed him, and we talked about him as well as about his "competitors".

This helped me to find some key words to describe what makes Philipp a great developer:

Next, I started looking for a concept that could express all of this. It was clear to me that it had to be abstract but expressive.

I started experimenting with simple geometric shapes, combining them in various ways, and I felt this was an accurate symbol for Philipp's working style.

The color palette

The yellow color fits Philipp's positive personality – having him around always quite literally brightens the mood. It's also a color which is rarely used for web pages, which makes his portfolio stand out, especially compared with the ones of other developers. In order to have a nice contrast to the yellow, I selected a blueish dark tone for text, and I also made sure to incorporate a lot of white, to make the page feel like a wide open space.

When choosing the colors I made sure that everything meets accessibility standards. This is an important matter for Philipp as he is also specialised in doing accessibility tests.

Also, I made sure too choose a kind of yellow that would look great in print as well, because Philipp wanted to have some matching stationery.

The website

Using the established elements I created designs and animations for the online portfolio, with focus on Philipp's skill and personality. Building the animations was a bit tricky, but Philipp loved the challenge, and so his portfolio became even more meaningful to him. You can check out the page here!

Client Philipp Veller
Year 2019

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